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CMH Customer Satisfaction Survey

First of all, thank you for doing business with us!  Secondly, now that your job is complete, we would deeply appreciate your feedback so we can improve our services.  We recognize that we are not perfect.  When you bring together wet cement, human beings, and the forces of nature, things may not always go as planned.  That said, we truly want to do our best to meet or exceed your expectations as our valued customer.

This is a brief 9 question survey that should only take 3-4 minutes to complete.  Thank you!

CMH Customer Satisfaction Survey
1. Overall Satisfaction *
2. Quality of Work *
3. Communication From Your CMH Rep and Crew. Did your rep communicate to let you know start times and status of your project? *
4. Courtesy & Friendliness of Your CMH Work Crew *
5. Responsiveness of Your CMH Estimator / Rep: Did he/she return your calls promptly? *
7. Did your project start on time once it was scheduled?
8. Was your project completed as scheduled?

Thank you for your business!